Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rebbie, Nathaniel, Stacee

Maureen Reilette("Rebbie") Jackson(Born May 29th 1950)
1. Was only successful with a one-hit-wonder "Centipede" and somewhat with "Yours Faithfully".
2. Married Nathaniel Brown and conceived two beautiful daughters and a son. Named: Stacee, Yashi, and Austin.
3. Her two girls Formed a duo band called "X-Girls"(now called "Geneva").
4. Austin(a.k.a. Aussie) has his own thing goin'. A debut album is due this year or next.
5. Stacee has a son named London Blue Making Rebbie a grandma.

Nathaniel Brown is the husband of Nathaniel Brown and Stacee, Yashi and Austin's father.
He is the grandfather of London Blue Salas

Stacee Brown was born on May 5, 1971. She is the daughter of Rebbie & Nathaniel Brown. She was the first grand daughter of Katherine & Joe. She stayed out of the spotlights during her childhood. She was present at The Jackson Family Honors. In 1994 she signed with Touch Stone Records with her little sister Yashi. They formed a band named X-Girls. Their Aunt Janet helped them on their album, but they released it. In 1998 she sang with her mother on the album " Yours Faithfully " and her cousins (3T) in the song " Party Tonight " of the album " Identity". We can also see her as a kid in a family footage on YouTube, where Michael is annoying her. (^^) She's now married to Rex Salas and has a son named London Blue (July 25, 2005)


  1. My granny has six kids one one boy. I am the oldest of the grandkids and she have nine. It is nice to see a strong bound in a famliy keep help with the excellent work.

  2. my family tree goes back , and i am a cousin to the jackson family 3rd that is hope to see u soon rebbie, my name is marcella i live in michigan rose powell is my cousin also,, ring a bell?

  3. i i recently found out that i am a 3rd cousin to the jackson family we are still doin our family tree, wow what a small world

  4. To small of a world, as we found out that lil London Blue Salas is our 2nd cousin...Rex and my dad are 1st cousins; although they have never met each other but reside in the same State.

    The Salas Family in the bay area/central valley, Ca

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  6. May your family continue to be Blessed. I used to spend summers on 17th and Adams in Gary Indiana across from the Neighborhood Community center in 1960's. Gary was a big culture shock for a girl from Paducah Kentucky. I hardly ever went outside because the kids had large families and would try to beat you up. The firestation was so close I had never heard so many fire alarms. My Grandmother kept us for part of the summer and we would always take a train to Chicago to the museum of Science and Industry. That area on 17th and Adams didn't have enough trees. When we took the Greyhound home to Paducah the streets always looked so fresh with trees after staying in the apartment in Gary.

  7. Haha I'd like to see the footage where Michael is annoying his (then)little niece. Do u have the link? lol